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About us

Label launch since 2005, YOSHI BLESSED MUSIC activities to pursue high quality music + originality + good message as an independent label. Expand production of the work, release, collaboration, live performance with YOSHI BLESSED(hiphop artist /producer/beatmaker/engineer), Yukari Gospel(singer-songwriter). While headquartered in Osaka, Japan beyond, they have a place for activities in the world (US,UK,South Africa,Australia,France,Korea).
Without being influenced by changes in the music scene, they’re making and releasing "own/original materials" and "what we want to deliver now".
Collaboration with foreign artists label has expanded rapidly in the wake of YOSHI BLESSED / Second Season of release in 2009. Through a collaboration with producer and artists of Grammy, in 2014, they released YOSHI BLESSED / PLUGED. Including support for people who have been placed in a hard situation such as severe earthquake, They focus on to become the label which gives a positive impact on the lives of people, it is to expand the day-to-day activities.



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