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Yoshi Blessed is a Music producer / beatmaker / MC / remixer / engineer.He produced and provided music, and doing collaboration,remix at Japan and oversea. Launched a Yoshi Blessed Music in 2005, widely released works, including his own. In 2009,Yoshi released his own work “Second Season”.It includes many collaborarions of SPEECH(Grammy Winning Artist with Arrested Development),S1 (producer of Beyonce,Kanye West,50 Cent,etc) ,Funky DL, Braille and Othello,Mr.J.Medeiros(The Procussions),M-Phazes(producer of Eminem) and more.Yoshi has a rich musical sense/knowledge and good understanding of sampling / analog vintage sound form of his beat making/produced works.It has been highly appreciated by foreign artists/producers. In 2014, Yoshi released his own work "PLUGED". He collaborated with Theory Hazit,The Procussions,Othello,YDG(Korea),20syl(Hocus Pocus). Through this work, He hopes that it is possible to deliver even a little encouragement to people who have been placed in a difficult situation, including the earthquake of Japan(2011).



Gospel Singer/Singer Songwriter. And powerful voice that has been cultivated in the Gospel, in the lyrics easy to understand beyond the generations, it is to spread message of hope and love. In 2005, she released the CD "Everywhere". After that, the United States live tour at (about 20 performances) 7 places such as NYC. In 2006, she released the CD "vessel". It is on air at radio stations around the country. Perform the director of the Gospel Choir, and appeared also actively local events and music festivals. Have a Christmas live at the mall and Christmas dinner show at the restaurant. In a bright atmosphere and a warm and powerful singing voice, she has delivered what was beyond the music. It is expected in the future singer-songwriter, director of the gospel choir.



Joshua Uehara:

Gospel Singer/Singer-Songwriter. He grew up in the church choir from an early age, to start songwriting with nature.He learned voice training in LA and felt the real gospel in Harlem,NYC. In 2006, he released the CD "First Time". Experienced a concert starring a number of, in 2011, he released full album "See the Miracle".Have concerts/live performances and leading gospel choir based in Osaka as a gospel singer. 3rd album of overseas recordings Grammy-nominated artist has participated will be released soon.


Ken Matsuda:

Ken was born in the home of the pastor, influenced by his mother,older brother. And he grow up surrounded by music. Became delinquent in their late teens, but encounter the Bible in the depths of despair and frustration, he became a Christian. Started singing gospel music since he was 19 years old, in 2007, and will visit the United States to learn the gospel in Harlem,NYC. After returning home, in 2009, released the 1st CD "OFFERING". March 11(2011), experienced the Big Earthquake in Miyagi(Japan) and (safely birth March 30) wife parturient. Disaster from his own experience, and feel the need to fill the gap between disaster area and other places, appeared on the charity concert to be held in various places, to expand the talk and live activities.Also he is visiting the area was severe in the disaster, which flows through the underlying gospel music the "message of hope&love".


Yoshiyuki Sako:

Drummer/ Percussionist. Moved to the U.S.A after graduating high-school. Moved to Tokyo and started studying under Yasushi Ichihara, a professional drummer in 2000. joined various bands and concerts. Also joined New hope Christian Fellowship Tokyo band as a drummer and involved in conferences over 800 people attended and Gospel concert at Zepp Tokyo. Came back to Wakayama, home town in 2008 and joined projects to release gospel CDs and some live acts. Now, performing at live shows and sharing the joy of music to children and beginners.

Kentaro Sumiyoshi:

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Guitarist.He started playing guitar from 14,joined various live performances for major artists and recording for TVCM after graduating music school.Now,He is performing at live shows,recordings,doing a guitar instructor,and acoustic unit "KenKoba" in Kansai&Tohoku area.Planning a "KenKoba" recordings of the album in January 2015 (released in the spring of 2015).His sound touches the hearts of those who listen.

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Tsuneyoshi Noda:

He start playing piano at church from 7 years old.Currently working as a pianist/keyboard player, composer, arranger.In 2013,He performed at the Christ Church Nashville.And He released 2 piano solo albums.


Emcee。 A member of Gospel Unit(duo)「217」

Began band performance from the age of 17. At 20, he is fascinated with hip-hop and starts rap performance. In Kumamoto, he acts as a rapper while hosting many music events at clubs and others. He experience live performances in various places, including clubs, cafes, school festivals, churches, prisons, local festivals. Even though the activity is stopped for a while, the activity is transferred to Kansai area and activities restarted from 2016.






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